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FSS prides itself in helping you to structure your financial situation to achieve better outcomes for your needs using current investment, legislative and commercial information, whilst empowering and educating you to make better decisions as you advance through life.

The world has a lot of options to offer you and being aware of them and the consequences of various decisions to act and not act is important to your life success. Providing advice on these issues is what FSS is all about.

We start by understanding who you are and what you are about. From this information possible solutions are explored and the pros and cons weighed to ensure the best of them is selected and then put into action for you with your input. You are supported all along the way to ensure you are on top of your situation through regular review and always being able to contact us and discuss any shorter notice changes that may need consideration.

There are many aspects to be considered, it all starts with your goals, amongst which may be protection, balanced budgets, investment, making use of your tax situation and use of financial institutions to make them work for you effectively.


So, whether you are approaching retirement, starting a business, changing careers or moving from two incomes to one, we can help you:




Life Insurance

Understanding financial institutions

Estate planning

Business insurance planning

Managing debt

Meet our team

John Corbett
Senior Adviser ADFP

Tracey Corbett
Adviser Grad Dip FP

For more information about us, including areas we specialise in, please download our Financial Service and Credit Guide/ Financial Service Guide

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